Sci-Fi Phase-based Tactical RPG Set in a new vast complex universe
with various factions and a wide cast of unique characters

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The Game

Element: Space features classic Role Playing Games concepts and combines them with new original Tactical elements delivering a complete experience, unprecedented in its genre.

Set in a dystopic future where mankind has colonized around three solar systems and their vicinity. The player takes the spotlight in a new intergalactic upheaval, leading his own squadron into dangerous situations, dealing with the consequences of his choices throughout a deep and mature story.

Phase-based Tactical RPG

Revolutionary combat system

Plan the whole phase of your squadron at once and watch it unfold!
Planning ahead and foresight are a must, think carefully every move and tilt the flow of combat in your favor!
Combine this with a flexible and powerful Combo system and master any battlefield!

Oficial Trailer

Squadron Tactics

Customize your squad to best deal with every scenario!

Every character has unique traits and Skills, combine them with specific Weapons and Tactics on the battlefield to create powerful formations that can deal with the numerous different enemies you will encounter all across the known galaxy!

Cover Operations


Lead your unit into hostile environments to investigate the hidden truth about the Intergalactic War and learn who your true enemy is!

Make your way through force if you must and fulfill your objectives before the Rubicon Clock reaches 0, for it will be too late to stop the unfolding menace by then!

Every choice matters!

New Empathic Gameplay system!

Throughout the story and during missions, interactive dialogs will cause the player to make choices that will align the character with one of the four main ideologies in Element: Space, which will alter how the player will perceive the events that unfold and how the many factions inside the universe will respond to these choices.


In Element: Space there are a total of eleven Factions. For them, belief is everything. It defines the galaxy, the groups inside of it and how the main character is seen by them. Choose your allies carefully, for those that oppose their beliefs will not watch idly as you make their position in the Galactic Congress stronger!